Keywords: mouse brain atlas, activations, density, sleep deprivation, circadian cycle
Project partner: Dr. Clare Diester, Dr. William Jinsoo Joo, Prof. Dr. Alex Schier, Vertebrate Development and Behavior, Biozentrum, University of Basel
CeDA collaborator: Konstantinos Ntemos, Rodrigo C. G. Pena
Repository: sleep-brain-atlas

Project objectives

Can we identify distinct patterns of brain cell activation in the atlas of mice brain under different conditions (circadian cycle, sleep deprivation, etc.)?


  • Find a suitable representation for local densities of activation within each condition
  • Define areas where the patterns of activation densities are most distinguishable across the different conditions
  • Relate the defined areas to known anatomical structures

Figure 1. 3D rendering of local brain cell activation densities in the mouse brain atlas for a sample condition in the circadian slice of the dataset ΒΆ