Keywords: cell classification, cell lineage, C. Elegans
Project partner: Prof. Dr. Susan Mango, University of Basel, Dr. Ahilya Nirvana Sawh, University of Basel
CeDA collaborator: Konstantinos Ntemos, Geoffrey Fucile, Ivan Dokmanic
Repository: cell-lineage


Identifying cells in a cell lineage is a tedious task performed, which is usually by human by utilizing reference maps of the known cell positions as well as temporal information (i.e., marking and tracking cells' divisions and movements over time in the embryo). In this project, we aim at automating the cell labeling process by using static images of the embryo cells. More specifically, we develop a technique that takes as input images of embryos of C. elegans and outputs the cell labels.


Project objectives

The aim of this collaboration is to devise an algorithm that given an image of embryo cells, it performs the cell labeling.


  • Build distance matrices of cells in the embryo.