The mission of CeDA [SAY-da] is to facilitate equitable access to cutting-edge data analytics for the entire University ecosystem and its partners; cultivate awareness of the transformative potential of data across all scientific disciplines; and identify and seize transdisciplinary data-enabled opportunities as a partner in research at the University, in the region, and beyond. This will be achieved in a FAIR, open-minded, friendly, and hard-working culture where the ideas flow freely.

tl;dr Interested in discussing research collaborations or consultations? We choose engagements based on project quality, and our availability and expertise. Drop us a line to start the conversation.

Project Selection Criteria
  • the project is clearly and soundly defined scientifically, and is likely to result in high impact to the respective research area(s)
  • the project adheres to integrity and ethics guidelines as per the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • the requested consultation and/or collaboration efforts involve quantitative data analysis and statistical methodologies relevant to the CeDA mission
  • the project requires expertise which is available among CeDA analyst(s), or can be achieved by CeDA analysts in a reasonable time frame through contributions to the research project
  • there is sufficient capacity among CeDA analysts to contribute to the project in a reasonable, mutually agreed upon time frame
  • the project comes from a group or consortium which is not over-represented among currently active consultation and collaboration activities at CeDA
  • the project would not be better served by another data analysis unit at the University, in which case CeDA can facilitate referral to the appropriate unit

Management Team
CeDA has formal affiliations to the Department of Math and Computer Science (DMI), the Digital Humanities Lab (DHLab), and sciCORE - the Center for Scientific Computing. The internal HR functions of CeDA are managed by sciCORE and the Human Resources Office. The Management Team consists of the Professorship for Data Analytics at the DMI (Prof. Ivan Dokmanic), and the CeDA Coordinator (Dr. Geoffrey Fucile). CeDA operations are guided by the Vice President for Research and the CeDA Steering Board.

Steering Board
The Steering Board serves as an anchor for CeDA in the research community, and provides actionable feedback regarding the needs of the University community and assessments of CeDA's performance regarding its mandate. The Steering Board also facilitates the alignment of CeDA activities in the University-wide network of data analytics, data management, and computational infrastructure.

We are actively recruiting members to populate our Steering Board. Membership will reflect the diversity of the Unibas research community. More details to follow...